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Welcome to the Healthy Start Nutrition blog!

My name is Kathleen Perrone and I’m an experienced Paediatric and Maternal Dietitian providing clinic, in-home and phone consultations in Melbourne. The focus of my blog will be all things nutrition and feeding for families. My focus is around fussy eating, feeding problems, division of responsibility (parents provide, children decide) and promoting a positive relationship with food. My aim is for families to RELAX about feeding/nutrition for their children and enjoy mealtimes!


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Kathleen Perrone - Paediatric and Maternal Dietitian

Kathleen Perrone - Paediatric and Maternal Dietitian

Kathleen Perrone

Paediatric & Maternal Dietitian – Healthy Start Nutrition

This website and information on this blog post is provided for educational purposes. It is not meant or intended to replace Dietetic assessment/ management or medical care for a child. It is recommended that you discuss any concerns or questions you might have about your child’s feeding/nutrition with Kathleen individually and develop an individualised plan specifically for your child.

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Kathleen Perrone is a Paediatric & Maternal Dietitian with extensive experience working with children and their families – especially around fussy eating, stressful mealtimes, growth concerns and nutritional management of many medical conditions.

Healthy Start Nutrition is a private practice based in Melbourne, Victoria that offers clinic consultations, in-home consultations as well as phone consultations.

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Healthy Start Nutrition

Healthy Start Nutrition